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Substance Abuse Traffic Offenders Program

The SATOP program is a state certified program designed for those individuals who have been ticketed or arrested for a substance related traffic offense. Whether DWI, DUI, Chemical Refusal or Minor in Possession, SATOP is required for an individual with a Missouri license to regain their driving privileges.

SATOP is a multi-step process with each portion defined by State requirements. The prices are also set by the state and cannot be changed by the provider.

Offender Management Units are responsible for screening individuals into the various levels of SATOP. Each OMU is registered with the State of Missouri, and offers at least the 10 hour Offender Education Program. NDS, as an OMU, provides screenings in Kansas City, Liberty, Richmond, Excelsior Springs and soon in our newest Platte County Office.


Screening Fee


DMH Supplemental fee

$249 (collected with screening fee)

Offender Education Program




Weekend Intervention Program


Clinical Intervention Program


Level Four



** These classes have state funding assistance available for Missouri residents who meet specific income guidelines.

The charge for a screening is currently set at $375.00. Of this cost, $249 is forwarded by NDS to the State of Missouri as a supplemental fee collected from all offenders.

A screening consists of individual interviews between the counselor and the offender, as well as a driving record check, completion of a computerized testing instrument, and a check of the BAC level at the time of the offense. With all of this information, especially the individual interview, a recommendation is made to the appropriate level of education or treatment for each individual.

Offender Education Program (OEP) $200
Adolescent Diversion Education Program (ADEP) $200

These ten hour educational programs are designed for first time offenders. Topics include victim impact, the legal aspects of DWI, physical and psychological aspect of alcohol and drug use, and ways to avoid drinking and driving in the future, among other topics. The ADEP classes are geared towers those under the age of 21 who are still living under their parents or guardians roofs, while OEP is for those 21 and over or who are living on their own.

Weekend Intervention Program (WIP) $467.45

The WIP is a 48 hour on-site education and intervention program designed for the individual who has had two DWI offenses or for whom alcohol and/or other drugs are becoming problematic. State assistance is available to pay for this class for Missouri residents who wish to apply and who meet specific financial guidelines.

Clinical Intervention Program (CIP) $1067.42

For those individuals with numerous DWI offenses, or for whom alcohol and / or other drugs are negatively impacting their lives, this 50 hour outpatient counseling program is designed to assist them in defining their life issues, and in working toward sobriety. State assistance is available to pay for this class for Missouri residents who wish to apply and who meet specific financial guidelines.

Level Four Counseling $1500.00

Individuals who have previously received treatment for drug and/or alcohol problems or who have severe dependency symptoms are referred to this 75 hour outpatient treatment program. No state assistance is currently available through NDS for this program. ppp

Services by Location

Liberty, Missouri

  • 26 S. Gallatin
  • Liberty, MO 64068
  • Phone: 816-781-8999
  • Fax: 816-792-2883
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Kansas City, Missouri

  • 3917 Broadway
  • Kansas City, MO 64111
  • Phone: 816-472-4637
  • Fax: 816-472-5081
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Independence, Missouri

  • 201 W. Lexington
  • Independence, MO 64050
  • Phone: 816-836-9900
  • Fax: 816-792-2883
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Excelsior Springs, Missouri

  • 108 S. Thompson
  • Excelsior Springs, MO 64024
  • Phone: 816-630-6366
  • Fax: 816-792-2883
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Platte County, Missouri

  • 7211 NW 83rd Street, Suite 270
  • Kansas City, MO 64152
  • Phone: 816-746-8999
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Richmond, Missouri

  • 115 W. Main
  • Richmond, MO 64085
  • Phone: 816-470-7043
  • Fax: 816-792-2883
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Warrensburg, Missouri

Specific services also available in Warrensburg, Missouri