Northland Dependency Services, LLC

Providing drug and alcohol education, SATOP, and probation supervision in the Kansas City, Missouri metro area


Welcome to Northland Dependency Services, LLC

Helping people live drug and alcohol-free lives in Missouri

Northland Dependency Services, LLC. and Northland Correctional Services is a privately owned company providing services to those individuals for whom legal, drug and alcohol issues have presented problems. We accept referrals from all areas, including courts, attorneys, probation and parole, counselors, churches and from individuals. NDS/NCS is here to work with individuals to achieve crime, drug, alcohol and violence free lifestyles. Probation supervision, counseling, SATOP and other education classes are among the offerings of NDS/NCS.

Referral Process

Making a referral to NDS for any service is done easily and quickly. Often times an NDS representative will be available in the court rooms to take client and court information, and to provide the client with information regarding their participation in court ordered programs. If no NDS representative is available in the court, simply contact NDS at any of our offices to schedule the services needed. This can be done by the court, attorney, client or family member by phone, mail or in person.

If a court is involved in the referral process, it aids NDS in getting information to the court when the Circuit, Division Number and Docket Number are provided at the time of enrollment.

The courses offered by NDS/NCS meet on weekends, evenings, and during the day time hours depending on the location of the class and the type of class offered, as well as the needs of the participants.

Services by Location

Liberty, Missouri

  • 26 S. Gallatin
  • Liberty, MO 64068
  • Phone: 816-781-8999
  • Fax: 816-792-2883
  • Google Map

Kansas City, Missouri

  • 3917 Broadway
  • Kansas City, MO 64111
  • Phone: 816-472-4637
  • Fax: 816-472-5081
  • Google Map

Independence, Missouri

  • 201 W. Lexington
  • Independence, MO 64050
  • Phone: 816-836-9900
  • Fax: 816-792-2883
  • Google Map

Excelsior Springs, Missouri

  • 108 S. Thompson
  • Excelsior Springs, MO 64024
  • Phone: 816-630-6366
  • Fax: 816-792-2883
  • Google Map

Platte County, Missouri

  • 7211 NW 83rd Street, Suite 270
  • Kansas City, MO 64152
  • Phone: 816-746-8999
  • Google Map

Richmond, Missouri

  • 115 W. Main
  • Richmond, MO 64085
  • Phone: 816-470-7043
  • Fax: 816-792-2883
  • Google Map

Warrensburg, Missouri

Specific services also available in Warrensburg, Missouri