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Class Descriptions

Domestic Violence Intervention Program

Domestic Violence touches families of all types and social classes. Violence does not distinguish between color, religion, income level, gender or gender preference. The Batterer’s Intervention program was designed with all these factors in mind.

Change does not come quickly, and ongoing support is important when there is a need and a desire to make change. To this end, the DVIP is a twenty-six week program. Within these 26 weeks, ongoing dialogues, group support and accountability, and new techniques for handling situations assist the attendees in establishing new habits and methods of working within relationships.

The curriculum is non-gender biased and non-judgmental in its approach to addressing the issues within intimate partner relationships.

Topics covered include not only physical violence, but mental and emotional violence and sexual abuse as well. Drug and alcohol use and abuse as well. Drug and alcohol use and abuse, educational problems and other topic areas allow participants to determine what areas in their lives and the life of their partners are affected. Overcoming childhood trauma involving abuse and violent parenting as well as parental alcohol and drug abuse plays an important role in how an individual learns to behave as an adult in intimate relationships. Learning how to leave an unhealthy relationship and how to build healthy relationships are also part of this program. Financial issues, parenting, work stressors and other life issues are all explored during the DVIP program.

Anger Control Education

What happens when a persons “button gets pushed”? How does one handle a surge of anger towards another person? Is road rage a problem area? Alcohol and other drugs lesson ones inhibitions. When this occurs, do fights ensue/ Financial stressors, children and work stress all influence a person’s behavior.

All of these subject areas are covered in this Anger Control course. Non gender specific in presentation, both men and women participate in co-ed classes.

How to avoid confrontations, working within stressful situations, avoiding being pushed into a violent interaction and other issues individuals face in everyday situations are some of the topics discussed. Eight weeks long, covering 12 hours of class time, the sessions are designed to address a number of issues in a thought provoking, change encouraging manner.

Parenting With Love and Logic

The Parenting With Love and Logic program is a nationally recognized program designed to aid parents in raising their children in a loving, sensible, non-violent manner. As parents and guardians of children, there are times when information is needed on how to parent without violence, and even what is acceptable parenting behavior. This course, using the Parenting with Love and Logic program, expands upon the areas of discipline without violence and has been designed to include what are acceptable parental behaviors and actions in raising children. From interpreting the crying behaviors and actions of an infant to providing adequate child care and education, numerous topics are included in this revamped program. Assistance referrals to various area agencies are given as are tips about nutrition, medical care, drug and alcohol use and abuse and other parenting information.

Driver Improvement Program

Our defensive driving course, titled Driver Improvement, is an eight hour state certified course. The 8 hour course may be used for point reduction. Utilizing the AAA defensive driving course at its core, subject matter includes accident avoidance, distracted driving, driving under the influence, and the legal aspects of receiving traffic tickets in Missouri. This class is offered in both Kansas City and Liberty. A shorter 4 hour course is also available.

Budget & Banking

The writing of bad checks is a problem that comes about for numerous reasons. From lack of knowledge about how to balance a checkbook, to writing bad checks to cover the cost of various addictions, this class covers issues of everyday life.

Household budgeting, value shopping, distinguishing wanted items from needed items and how to stick to a budget make up the first part of this program. Balancing a checkbook, familiarization with check registers, banking fees, use of credit cards, and savings accounts are also discussed.

While the “why: of bad check writing is discussed, the “how to avoid writing bad checks” is emphasized. In areas of addictions to gambling, drugs, alcohol and other vices, information is provided on community treatment resources available. Information is also made available on community resources to assist with emergency issues such as housing, utility bills and grocery purchasing.

Shoplifting Impact Education

The costs of theft are numerous and often times very high. This four (4) hour course attempts to enlighten participants on those costs. From the financial impact upon the victims, to the financial and emotional cost confronted by the offender and their family, the various aspects of stealing are explored and analyzed by participants. Statistical and psychological information is presented in a non-threatening manner. Acknowledgement of the theft and its impact upon all those involved is reviewed both in discussions and in written presentations by the participants.

Victim Impact Program

The use of the Victim Impact Panel for DWI offenders has been in place for many years. The purpose behind this presentation is that of presenting the victim’s side of the offense to the offenders. When presented with the stories and impact of the DWI upon the victims, offenders have the opportunity to see the other side of their actions. Powerful and hard hitting, this hour and a half long session brings home the far reaching effects of deriving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs.

Substance Abuse Education Program

Designed to provide information to individuals of all ages who are at risk of developing substance abuse problems this educational program is 10 hours in length.. Whether arrested for possession of drugs or possession of alcohol while under the legal age, it has been determined that often times the individuals involved in this program are sorely lacking in the knowledge of the harmful effects of alcohol and other drugs. Through the use of videos and group discussions, the issues surrounding the use of various drugs, including marijuana, PCP, ecstasy, LSD, tobacco, alcohol and various other substances are evaluated and discussed. For those individuals who have been arrested on drug and alcohol charges that are not traffic or license related, this program provides the opportunity to learn the consequences of ones behaviors as well as to learn about the negative effects of involvement with illegal substances. Minor In Possession offenders, those charged with possession paraphernalia or possession of drugs, among others, benefit from participation in this program, as do those individuals referred for an evaluation who do not demonstrate a need for ongoing outpatient treatment.

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