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NDS - Kansas City court ordered drug and alcohol education, SATOP, probation supervision, and correctional services

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Alcohol & Drug Services

Alcohol and Drug Evaluations

Alcohol and Drug Evaluations are scheduled on an individual basis at each office. These evaluations are used as starting points for determining the extent of drug and alcohol use, abuse and dependency. Referrals to educational groups, treatment services and even psychiatric assistance are made at the conclusion of the assessment. Written reports and recommendations are provided to the client and can be forwarded to the referring agency or individual when the appropriate releases are signed. The use of standardized testing instruments and personal interviews are considered part of the assessment process. If family members or significant others are available for interviews, they are included in the information gathering stage of the assessment. The testing of hair or urine for drugs of abuse may also be included in the process.

Outpatient Treatment Options

NDS/NCS employs Certified Substance Abuse Counselors who work with individuals of all ages to provide substance abuse treatment services. Both adult and adolescent programs are available. Group education, group counseling, individual sessions and family groups are all contained with the programs. Our counseling program is certified by the State of Missouri Department of Mental Health.

NDS/NCS offers Adolescent Outpatient Treatment in conjunction with area juvenile offices and Tri-County Mental Health Center. This age specific program accepts referrals from any individual or agency, including courts, schools, individuals, families and churches.

Drug Testing

Drug tests may be ordered through NDS/NCS. Both hair and urine tests are offered. Hair tests are conducted through LabOne and are available at any time for any reason. Urine tests conducted by Redwood Toxicology are also available at any time. Instant tests of urine are also available and are on “on-site” at NDS/NCS offices. Chain of custody procedures are followed in the collecting and handling of the specimens presented for testing. While NDS/NCS staff collect the specimens, the actual tests are conducted at certified testing facilities.

Drug Free Program

This program involves three random drug tests and participation in a Substance Abuse Education Program. All three tests must be negative for substances of abuse. The tests occur over the course of 6 months, and are random in nature. Participants are notified by phone that they must come into one of the offices of NDS/NCS to submit to a drug test. Failure to comply with this request is considered an “administrative positive” unless proof positive of a compelling reason not to present is given. Any positive drug test or failure to attend the Substance Abuse Education Program is reported to the referring agency.

Services by Location

Liberty, Missouri

  • 26 S. Gallatin
  • Liberty, MO 64068
  • Phone: 816-781-8999
  • Fax: 816-792-2883
  • Google Map

Kansas City, Missouri

  • 3917 Broadway
  • Kansas City, MO 64111
  • Phone: 816-472-4637
  • Fax: 816-472-5081
  • Google Map

Independence, Missouri

  • 201 W. Lexington
  • Independence, MO 64050
  • Phone: 816-836-9900
  • Fax: 816-792-2883
  • Google Map

Excelsior Springs, Missouri

  • 108 S. Thompson
  • Excelsior Springs, MO 64024
  • Phone: 816-630-6366
  • Fax: 816-792-2883
  • Google Map

Platte County, Missouri

  • 7211 NW 83rd Street, Suite 270
  • Kansas City, MO 64152
  • Phone: 816-746-8999
  • Google Map

Richmond, Missouri

  • 115 W. Main
  • Richmond, MO 64085
  • Phone: 816-470-7043
  • Fax: 816-792-2883
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Warrensburg, Missouri

Specific services also available in Warrensburg, Missouri